News & Media - Update

News & Media - Update

e-Result Slip for SCLE, eFPMR and eFPTR I & II

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce that effective 15 June 2021, assessment candidates for the SC Licensing Examinations (SCLE) and eFamiliarisation Programme for Marketing and Trading Representatives (eFPMR and eFPTR [I & II]) will be able to self-print their e-Result Slip three (3) working days after their examination date.

The e-Result Slip includes a QR code feature with a serial number embedded and a verification link. Scanning the QR code using a QR scanner will lead you to the SIDC e-Result verification page which displays the candidate’s details (Name, Identity Card Number / Passport, exam date, module, exam result).

Please note that the e-Result Slip is only available for candidates who have sat for the examinations from January 2021 onwards.

All candidates with results slips that are issued or printed prior to 15 June 2021 are advised to reprint their slips for all licence application purposes. Those that have already applied for licences and are now pending approval will not be affected.

Click here to view step-by-step instructions on how to download the e-Result Slip. For more information or enquiries, please reach us at

Thank you.

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