Who We Are

Who We Are

The SECURITIES INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (SIDC) is the leading capital market learning and development solutions provider for industry participants in Malaysia and the growth and emerging markets that include market professionals, company directors and regulators. Established in 1994 as the learning and development arm of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and incorporated in 2007, SIDC has been a standard-bearer of quality and innovation for over two decades.

As the capital market industry’s partner in learning and development, SIDC works hand in hand with the industry through consultations and collaborations to design, develop and deliver training programmes that raise the standard of participants and support market growth. At the same time, we provide strategic consulting services and industry insights, frequently partnering with government agencies and international organisations to carry out capacity building initiatives for market regulators and industry players.

SIDC’s involvement in the development of human capital for the Malaysian capital market is comprehensive and end-to-end. We work closely with the SC to establish competency standards for the industry – developing, maintaining and administering the SC Licensing Examinations and the mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme as part of the licensing regime for Malaysian capital market intermediaries. In addition, we contribute to the capital market talent pipeline through our fit-for-purpose graduate development programmes.

In support of the SC’s investor protection mandate, SIDC also conducts public investor education programmes on behalf of the SC with the aim of creating informed and prudent capital market investors.

SIDC’s extensive experience and track record in producing high-calibre programmes for a wide range of target audiences have earned us a reputation synonymous with professional excellence, acknowledged by international institutions such as the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and ASEAN.

The SIDC brand reflects our identity and strength as a value-adding organisation committed to making positive contributions to the various stakeholders we serve – the capital markets, our clients, employees, business partners, the community and more.

What makes the SIDC stand out as a leader in our field is our idea-driven approach to capital markets training and development, and our skilfulness in innovating to address ever-changing market demands.

Holding true to our corporate values of being customer-focused, quality-focused, innovative, performance-driven and reliable, we prove our ability to deliver consistent professional excellence across an exponential range of offerings and channels.


To be recognised internationally as a leading capital market learning and development solutions provider for market professionals, regulators and investors in Malaysia and emerging capital markets.


Our mission is to raise the standard of capital market participants to support the rapid growth and development of the capital market industry, through strategic and effective:

  • Learning and development solutions
  • Professional certification, qualifications and continuous education
  • Thought leadership and consultancy services
  • Investor education









The SIDC logo makes a clear statement of the company’s core attributes:


While the overall design serves to communicate these attributes, the logo is infused with elements reflecting its corporate heritage. The colour and globe device alludes to the SIDC’s parent, the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC). Furthermore, the “road” device is a translation of the “S” from the SC’s logo, which now, as a road, denotes the progressive and outward-looking attributes of the SIDC, and career progression for those who are trained by the SIDC.

The globe device is seen as two elements fused together by the SIDC “road”, reflecting the two-sides-of-the-same-coin. This device variously represents the integration of both technical and soft skills, the reconciliation of both regulatory and commercial interests and its Eastern roots within a global environment.

The typeface, and the framing and the overall simplicity of the arrangement reflect the SIDC’s desired behaviours – direct, straightforward, honest and approachable.


Dato’ Seri Dr. Awang Adek Hussin
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Datin Azalina Adham
Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift
Datin Teh Ija Jalil
Faridah Bakar Ali
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Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Hassan Said
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Tengku Zarina
Tengku Chik

Chief Executive Officer

Salleh Hassan

Director/Head, Professional Standards & Qualifications

Sarimah Ramthandin

Director/Head, Innovation, Advisory & Industry Engagement

Faridah Abdullah

Director, Client Engagement

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