Certified Capital Market Professional – Sustainable and Responsible Investment (CCMP-SRI)

Certified Capital Market Professional – Sustainable and Responsible Investment (CCMP-SRI)

For a Sustainable Future: Developing Talent for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Ecosystem

Navigate the future, one sustainable step at a time.

Gain a competitive edge by integrating environmental, social, and responsible governance practices.

Invest in a sustainable future and reap the rewards of responsible leadership.

The CCMP – SRI certification programme is designed to cater to varying competency levels.
Find one that suits your SRI certification needs below:

In today’s dynamic business landscape, sustainability is no longer a niche concern; it’s a strategic imperative. Professionals across all sectors and functions must be equipped to navigate the complexities of ESG and sustainable finance. CCMP-SRI1 is a programme that provides this understanding of sustainability, ESG and sustainable and responsible investment (SRI)

 Entry Requirements

  • Degree/professional qualification from recognised institution; or Diploma from recognised institution with minimum 3 years relevant capital market and/or sustainability-related experience
 Completion Requirements

Completion of the programme is upon fulfillment of all requirements below:

  1. Completion of e-learning modules;
  2. Completion of workshops;
  3. Completion of collaborative learning;
  4. Passing the formative and summative assessments


More info coming soon!

*The SIDC reserves the right to amend the programme as deemed appropriate without prior notice

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