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News & Media - Update

e-Result Slip for SCLE, eFPMR and eFPTR I & II

The Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) is pleased to inform that we have introduced self-printing of the e-Result Slip for the SC Licensing Examinations (SCLE) and eFamiliarisation Programme for Marketing and Trading Representatives (eFPMR and eFPTR [I & II]). The candidates will be able to download and self-print their e-Result Slip three (3) working days after their examination date.

The e-Result Slip includes a QR code feature with a serial number embedded and a verification link as a part of encryption and security verification. Any modification to the result slip will fail the verification process and will be flagged as a tampered document.

Scanning the QR code using a QR scanner will lead you to the SIDC e-Result verification page which displays the candidate’s details (Name, Identity Card Number/Passport, exam date, module, exam result).

Please note that SIDC will no longer be issuing the hard copy (physical) result slip. The e-Result Slip will henceforth replace the physical copy slip as the official examination result slip.

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