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About The Speaker [Stephanie Ping]


Stephanie Ping
Co-Founder & CEO, WORQ



Stephanie is the co-founder & CEO of WORQ, where she developed the initial idea and leads the company. As one of the few-and-far-between profitable startups, she raised funds in the midst of a triple whammy of the Covid Pandemic, the oil price crash and the change of government in Malaysia. She was previously the Head of Business Development and Investor Relations at AXIS REIT. She was instrumental in growing the REIT from RM1b to RM2b in 3.5 years – providing 27% shareholder returns per annum at its peak. This was the highest return achieved at the REIT to date and within the industry. The average yield on the properties she acquired was 14-16%, compared to the property industry average of 5%.

Stephanie graduated in the Top 5% of her department at Stanford University with a BA in Economics and MS in Management Science and Engineering. She hopes to create a similar entrepreneurship community for Asia inspired by the one she experienced at Stanford.

Her vision is to make people prosper by working together. WORQ is built more than a coworking space company but an innovation firm. To do this, WORQ starts by creating one of their products, which is coworking to bring people together through powerful hyperlocal communities all over Malaysia. As an added value, WORQ strives to lessen the inefficiencies experienced by real estate consumers today.

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