[ONLINE] eFamiliarisation Programme for Marketing Representatives (eFPMR)

[ONLINE] eFamiliarisation Programme for Marketing Representatives (eFPMR)


HRD Corp Registered Course/Programme No.: 10001108025

Learn ONLINE and fulfil the entry requirements to be registered as a Marketing Representative (MR)

This programme is designed and conducted by SIDC as one of the entry requirements for candidates intending to be registered as a Marketing Representative (MR) pursuant to the Guidelines on Marketing Representatives (MR Guidelines).

New revised structure now available which will allow candidates to have:

  • The flexibility to learn at their own pace as well as have more learning avenues and learning time (maximum of 2 months access to the eFPMR) before attempting the assessment.
  • Increased FPMR Assessment sessions to select from which are now computer based and scheduled every Friday* and up to 2 sessions a day.

The listed price is intended for Malaysian participants only. If you are a non-Malaysian, we kindly request you to reach out to Mr. Nor Effendi Othman at EffendiO@sidc.com.my for further information.



eFPMR Learning Programme + Assessment

The eFPMR is a self-directed online learning programme offered via the SIDC Learning Management System (SIDC eLearn) platform comprising 9 modules. It is designed as a learning tutorial covering the knowledge and skills relevant for Marketing Representatives (as defined under the Guidelines for Marketing Representatives) to carry out their duties competently and in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations.

The broad spectrum of e-learning tutorials will provide a comprehensive introduction to the Malaysian capital market covering the regulatory framework, capital market products and services as well as the techniques and skills required in marketing capital market products and closing the deal with prospective clients.

Upon completion of this learning programme in accordance to the recommended learning hours, participants will be better prepared to undertake the FPMR Assessment.




This remote proctoring examination mock-up is intended to assist candidates in familiarising themselves with the remote proctoring system and the SIDC assessment management system. Candidates are encouraged to attempt the mock examination prior to their actual examinations.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the components, role and importance of a capital market;
  • Identify the relationship between capital market performance and economic indicators;
  • Outline the relationship between participants of the capital market;
  • Outline the regulatory framework of the Malaysian capital market industry;
  • Describe the organisation and structure of the relevant regulatory bodies and its roles in various capital market laws and regulations;
  • Identify the laws and regulations governing the Malaysian capital market;
  • Define the capital market intermediaries’ roles and functions  as well as the applicable rules and regulations applicable to capital market intermediaries ;
  • Describe the types of products and services as well as the permitted activities regulated by the relevant laws and regulations;
  • Describe the permitted activities, duties, rights and obligations of a marketing representative as prescribed by the Guidelines on Marketing Representatives
  • Elaborate on the rules governing the relationship between a Marketing Representative, the principal and clients
  • Recognise the offences in relation to market misconduct and unethical business practices;
  • Elaborate on the reporting requirements prescribed by the Securities Commission Malaysia’s Guidelines on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing for Reporting Institutions in the Capital Market;
  • Explain the procedures in conducting customer due diligence and applicable techniques in detecting clients’ unusual behaviour;
  • Recognise the importance of effective communication in establishing customer relationships;
  • Demonstrate the relevant techniques in marketing products and services;
  • Identify prospect’s needs through effective questioning in uncovering prospective clients’ objectives; and
  • Discover the essential knowledge and skills required to present, convince and close the deal with prospective clients.


CC 01 Customer Focus
FOR 01 Anti Money Laundering
FOR 02 Capital Market Institutions
FOR 03 Capital Market Intermediaries
FOR 05 Islamic Capital Market Regulations
FOP 01 Capital Market Environment
FOP 02 Capital Market Fundamentals
FOP 03 Capital Market Products
FOP 04 Islamic Capital Market Product
FUT 02 Client Advisory (Investment)
FUP 14 Know Your Client
FUP 15 Sales and Marketing

All at proficiency level 2

Target Audience

Designed for those who intend to be to be registered as Marketing Representative (MR) pursuant to the Guidelines on Marketing Representatives (MR Guidelines).

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