News & Media - Update

News & Media - Update

SCLE, eFPMR and eFPTR (I & II) Assessments Sessions now available ONLINE through SIDC LAMS

Dear Valued Customers,

As part of SIDC’s journey towards digital transformation as well as in adapting to the current situation brought about by Covid-19, we are pleased to announce that our SC Licensing Examinations (SCLE) and eFamiliarisation Programme for Marketing and Trading Representatives (eFPMR and eFPTR [I & II]) Assessments are now available online through SIDC’s Learning and Assessment Management System (LAMS) which includes a remote proctoring system component. This is an end-to-end digital undertaking where previous manual processes involving registration, payment, examination sessions and examination proctoring are now seamlessly conducted online.

The integrity, security and confidentiality of our online examinations and assessments are of our utmost priority. All aspects were taken into consideration with no compromises made on security, customer experience, privacy and convenience in the digitalisation of these offerings.

The LAMS and Remote Proctoring System includes the following features:

  • Strict candidate verification process
  • Implementation of the Safe Exam Browser
  • AI-based remote proctoring for seamless and scalable online examination management
  • Mock test simulation for candidates to ensure system compatibility

Significant efforts have been geared towards optimal customer experience with an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly system interface. Online or digital delivery is a key step towards inclusivity as we continue to ensure that our products and services are offered without restrictions on accessibility, demographics or location. The advent of true connectivity through technology has empowered SIDC to reach and securely meet the needs of new and existing capital market participants in Malaysia.

Further details on the instructions and technical requirements of the online SCLE, eFPMR and eFPTR (I & II) Assessments will be provided to candidates upon registration. For more information or enquiries, please reach us at

We thank you for your continued support.

SIDC – Delivering Professional Excellence