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News & Media - Update

SC Licensing Examination (SCLE) Fee for Non-Resident Candidates

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that there is a revision to the SC Licensing Examination Fee for non-resident candidates effective 1 April 2022.

Non-resident candidates refer to those who would like to take the SC Licensing Examination but are currently residing outside of Malaysia at the point of registration and payment.

Please refer to the table below for the revised examination fee of respective SCLE modules for non-resident candidates:


 Examination Fee (RM)


6 Stock Market and Securities Law 1800
7 Financial Statement Analysis and Asset Valuation 1800
9 Funds Management Regulation 1800
10 Asset and Funds Management 1800
11 Fundamentals of Compliance 1800
12 Investment Management and Corporate Finance 1800
14 Derivatives 1800
16 Rules and Regulations of Derivatives 1800
17 Securities and Derivatives Trading (Rules and Regulations) 2000
18 Securities and Derivatives Trading (Products and Analysis) 2000
19 Advisory Services (Rules and Regulations) 1800
19A Advisory Services (Rules and Regulations) – Part A 1800
19B Advisory Services (Rules and Regulations) – Part B 1800


In addition, please take note of the revision to the SCLE Penalty Fee for non-resident candidates.

The table below is the list of requests that would incur the penalty fee and their respective amount:

Request Fee (RM)
Change of Examination Module(s) 300 per module
Deferment 300 per module
Absenteeism Due to Medical Reason 300 per module
Duplicate Result 120 per module
Cancellation 450 per module


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