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News & Media - Media Release

SIDC Introduces Three New Competencies in the Industry Competency Framework (ICF)

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SIDC Introduces Three New Competencies in the Industry Competency Framework (ICF)

The new competencies guide professionals in the capital market to identify areas of growth in their skills on Sustainability and Shariah Advisory.

6 June 2024 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) today announces three additions in the Industry Competency Framework (ICF) of new competencies designed to address the growing demand for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) and Shariah-compliant products and services.

The new competencies are designed to meet the needs of the evolving landscape in the capital market and are pivotal in guiding professionals in the industry to grow and enhance their skills.

With the new competencies, the ICF now comprises 61 competency titles covering 149 job roles in  the capital market regulated activities. The ICF provides details of the required knowledge, skills and attributes (behavioural) of professionals for capital market activities including dealing in securities, dealing in derivatives, fund management, advising on corporate finance, investment advice, financial planning and dealing in private retirement schemes.

“We are navigating constant change in the capital market today and our professionals work in a competitive market environment. SIDC’s ICF helps them to be future-ready and be equipped with the right skills in the marketplace,” says Tengku Zarina Tengku Chik, chief executive officer of SIDC.

She adds, “The new competencies will also allow organisations to identify capacity building gaps of their workforce so they could strategise and plan ahead to grow their organisations.”

New Competencies

The three new competencies are as follows:

Sustainability: The introduction of two new competencies in sustainability covers fundamental components in SRI Products and Sustainability/SRI Analysis. The existing competency dictionary on Corporate Governance has also been updated to align with the current development in sustainability practices and initiatives.

Shariah Advisory: The introduction of a new competency in Shariah Advisory aims to equip capital market professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in activities related to Islamic Capital Market (ICM) products and services. To complement this development, the existing competency dictionary on ICM Regulations and ICM Products have been updated to ensure a holistic understanding of this important field.

Capital Market Competency Framework

The ICF is the first comprehensive capital market competency framework in Malaysia. It is accessible via the Competency Management System (CMS) an online industry-wide utility platform that centralises the ICF, assessment and development activities on a common hub.

CMS is an online solution that facilitates continuous professional development of the capital market industry through assessment of competencies as prescribed by the ICF and the identification of specific capacity building interventions.

Based on the ICF, the CMS empowers individuals and/or corporations to assess and identify their own or their employees’ existing competency levels and development areas.

For more information on the CMS and ICF, please visit:


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