Terms and Conditions



The following constitute the terms and conditions which shall apply to all types of training programmes, courses and other products and services that are offered by  Securities Industry Development Corporation (“SIDC”).

By accessing  SIDC website www.sidc.com.my (“Website”) and/or SIDC Training Programmes, you confirm that you, either for yourself and on behalf of the entity that is identified as the account holder, have reviewed, understand and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions provided herein.


The following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

Physical Programme” means the classroom training programme delivered live physically in person.

Programme Materials” means the learning materials for either the Physical Programme or Digital Programme which shall be provided to you in hard copy or electronic form accordingly.

Fees” means the fees prescribed by SIDC for the Training Programmes.

Digital Programme” means classroom training programme or recorded training programme such as live webinar, live streaming recorded webinar, video-on-demand, e-learning etc., all of which are delivered virtually.

Training Programmes” means either a Physical Programme or Digital Programme, or both.

To access SIDC Training Programmes, you are required to register an account and provide us complete registration information. In doing this, you agree and undertake as follows:

  1. that you shall provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form; and
  2. you have reviewed, understand and further agree to be bound by these terms and conditions provided herein.

3.1 Access

  1. You are advised to have a copy of your registration confirmation and payment slip when going to the registration desk at the event to show proof of payment.

3.2 Fees & Payment

Registration with full payment of Fees will be treated on a first come first served basis and subject to seat availability of the programme.

  1. All payments of Fees must be made payable to SIDC in full before registration of Physical Programme can be confirmed. Failure to make full and prior payment of Fees will be deemed as unsuccessful registration and consequently SIDC reserves the right to deny admittance.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, all Fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes.
  3. You shall be responsible for all costs you incur in connection with your attendance at any Physical Programme.

3.3 Cancellation & Refund

  1. Any request for cancellation of Physical Programme must be submitted in writing or via email and is valid only with acknowledgement of receipt by SIDC.
  2. Request for refund shall be processed in accordance with the following:
Provision of Notice Refund policy
Two weeks or more prior to programme 50% refund of paid programme fees and complete set of programme materials (if any), will be provided
Less than 2 weeks prior to programme No refund and a complete set of programme materials (if any) will be provided

In the case where you could not attend the Physical Programme due to medical reason or death of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, brother, sister only), you may apply to defer your participation to another Physical Programme (subject always to the same Fees, seat availability and within the same year) at no extra charge. All deferral requests must be made in writing to SIDC accompanied by the necessary supporting documents within 7 working days of the date of the Physical Programme. The decision of SIDC in all such matters shall be final.

4.1 Access

  1. You may purchase the Digital Programmer either directly SIDC or from other third party providers based on the packages offered.
  2. You may only view the Digital Programme purchased on one applicable device at any one time.
  3. Upon full payment of the Fees, SIDC will provide the username and password for you to access the Digital Programme. You are solely responsible in all respects for the use, protection and confidentiality of any password given to you and such passwords may only be used by you personally. You further agree to notify SIDC immediately of any unauthorised use or breach of security which comes to your attention
  4. The applicable access period for the respective Digital Programme shall be as follows:
Digital Programme Applicable Access Period
Webinar On the date of the Live Webinar session and the 30 days of pre-recorded viewing
Video on Demand (VOD) 30 days of pre-recorded viewing from date of receipt of User ID & Password
E-learning 45 days from date of receipt of User ID & Password

SIDC shall grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the Digital Programme for personal and non-commercial use only and that no right, title or interest shall be transferred to you by virtue of your access to the Digital Programme.

4.2 Fees & Payment

  1. Unless otherwise specified, all Fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes.
  2. All payments of Fees must be made payable to SIDC in full before access to Digital Programme can be confirmed. Failure to make full and prior payment of Fees will be deemed as unsuccessful subscription and consequently SIDC reserves the right to deny admittance.
  3. You shall be responsible for all costs you incur in connection with your access onto any Digital Programme.

4.3 Cancellation & Refund

  1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, all purchases of Digital Programmes are strictly non-refundable for any reasons whatsoever and that no transfer of the purchased Digital Programme to another person or onto another Digital Programme shall be allowed.
  2. Any purchase of Digital Programme cannot be transferred to another SIDC Training Programmes and sharing or transferring of the purchased Digital Programme to another person is NOT allowed.
  3. In cases where the Digital Programme is not capable of running as planned for whatsoever reasons, SIDC reserves the right, to change, re-arrange, add, delete, cancel, terminate or suspend the Digital Programme including but not limited to the related session and/or packages in its sole discretion and without any costs.
  4. SIDC further reserves the right to reproduce a reduced or edited version of the Digital Programme package subscription for any reasons whatsoever. In addition, SIDC reserves the right to make changes, alter, suspend or discontinue the Digital Programme offering including your access to the same.
  1. For our Training Programmes (except e-learning), the registration closing date is three (3) business days before the programme date, unless otherwise notified by SIDC or if the maximum number of registration has been reached. To ensure you secure your seat, we encourage that you register and make payment as early as possible.
  1. You acknowledge that SIDC in its sole discretion may terminate your access to SIDC Training Programmes at any time, with or without notice to you.
  2. Any termination by SIDC may result in the deletion of all of your data or information, and SIDC will not be obligated to provide any backup or retrieval of the same.
  3. Upon termination by SIDC, the obligations which by their nature are intended to survive shall survive including without limitation, those set forth in clauses on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY & INDEMNITY clauses herein.
  1. SIDC reserves the right to amend any part of the Training Programmes at any time including but not limited to changing the speaker, date and to cancel the Training Programmes should circumstances beyond its control arise. SIDC shall not be responsible for any costs, damages or losses incurred by the participant due to the changes and/or cancellation. SIDC also reserves the right to make alternative arrangements without prior notice should it be necessary.
  2. SIDC makes no warranties that the provision of the Digital Programme is secure, consistent or free from bugs, viruses, errors and omission and takes no responsibility for dropouts in the or other unforeseen interruptions to the Digital Programme and our other products and services. SIDC also cannot take any responsibility for the integrity of your hardware (computer or device), your internet signal bandwidth, or any other consideration outside of the control of SIDC.
  3. SIDC shall not be responsible for any problems or technical malfunction, including, without limitation to, the acts or omissions of third party, operators, service providers, contractors or agents whom SIDC may use to perform any part of the services in relation to SIDC’s Training Programmes and/or any problem or malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, computer equipment, software, failure of email or persons, traffic congestion on the internet or at any web or combination thereof.
  4. SIDC shall not be liable in cases where SIDC is unable to fulfil and/or deliver the Training Programmes due to any causes which are unforeseen by SIDC including but not limited to any act of war, acts of terrorism, governmental requirements, epidemic or pandemic outbreak, acts of local or central Government or other competent authorities, acts of God and industrial disputes or any other reasons which are beyond SIDC’s control.
  5. SIDC does not accept responsibility for anyone acting as a result of information in, or views expressed on, its training programme including course materials as well as for services provided by any third parties in relation to SIDC’s programmes.
  6. Opinions expressed are those of individual speakers or trainers and not necessarily those of SIDC. You should take professional advice when dealing with specific situations.
  7. All SIDC Training Programmes are provided on ‘As-Is’ basis without any warranties of any kind. SIDC hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, all implied warranties, terms and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, satisfactory quality and non-infringement with respect to SIDC Training Programmes
  1. All intellectual property rights in all materials available from SIDC including the design, graphics and text, audio and recording are owned by SIDC. When you are given access to SIDC’s materials physically or virtually, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable licence to use such SIDC materials. Such content and/or materials may NOT be copied, reproduced, uploaded, posted, displayed or linked to in any way, in whole or in part, without SIDC’s prior permission. Any such use is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of SIDC’s intellectual property rights.
  2. Any breach by you of this clause 7 shall result in immediate termination whereby SIDC shall be entitled to cease to provide access to any of SIDC Training Programmes.
  1. You must observe and adhere to all health and safety rules and regulations including but not limited to any other security requirements that are applicable for all SIDC Training Programmes.
  2. You agree that SIDC reserves the right to exclude and/or remove you from the Training Programmes if your fail to observe the rules set by SIDC or if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate by SIDC and/or SIDC’s speakers or trainers. In these circumstances, SIDC will neither refund any fees nor reimburse any other costs.
  3. Any recording, broadcasting, rebroadcasting or web streaming of content produced by SIDC during the programme is strictly prohibited. Any person found in violation of this term will be immediately ejected and infringement action may be brought against him/her.
  1. You agree to waive and hold SIDC harmless from any claims relating to any action taken by SIDC including the refusal, removal, modification or denial of access to Training Programmes or other appropriate action in relation to any suspected or alleged breach of this terms and conditions.
  2. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SIDC, from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, settlement amounts, and reasonable attorneys’ fees, disbursements and costs arising from any actions, suits, threats, allegations, demands or claims brought by any third party resulting from or relating breach of any of terms and conditions contained herein.

By accessing SIDC Training Programmes, you hereby agree and give consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded without any payment and inspection of such photograph, filming or recording. You further understand that such attendance constitutes consent to being photographed, filmed and/or recorded for SIDC’s use, in any and all media in perpetuity, of your appearance, voice and name for any purpose whatsoever in connection with the programme.

SIDC may provide access and links to third party tools, websites or resources which SIDC neither monitor nor have any control or input. Any use of such tools, websites or resources will be entirely at your own risk and discretion. Their inclusion does not imply any endorsement or approval by SIDC and SIDC accepts no responsibility of liability in respect thereof.

SIDC processes your information in accordance with the Personal Data Notice which forms an integral part of these terms and conditions.

  1. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereunder and supersedes all other prior agreements and understandings, both written and oral.
  2. SIDC hereby reserves the right and discretion to change, modify, amend or update all or any parts of the terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  3. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and the courts within Malaysia shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any issues regarding the interpretation or enforcement of the same.
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