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About The Speaker [Yee Yang Chien]


Yee Yang Chien
President & Group Chief Executive Officer, MISC Group



Yee Yang Chien was appointed as President / Group Chief Executive Officer of MISC Group on 1 January 2015.  He holds a double-degree in Financial Accounting/ Management and Economics from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

As an auditor during his early years, Yee undertook both external and internal audit assignments and progressed later on to equity research and investment banking work with various international and local financial institutions.

In 2001, Yee joined MISC Berhad as Senior Manager of Research and Evaluation in the Corporate Planning and Development Unit. Yee went on to become the Group Vice President of Corporate Planning in AET Group following this subsequent appointment in June 2005.

In April 2008, Yee returned to MISC Berhad as the Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development and became its Chief Operating Officer in July 2013. Yee is also the Chairman and a Board Member of various subsidiaries within the MISC Group.

Additionally, Yee is a Director of the Members’ Committee of The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Bermuda) Limited (UK P & I Club) and an Advisory Council member of the Global Maritime Forum.

He is also on the National Shipping and Ports Council for Malaysia, the International Advisory Panel for the Maritime Decarbonization and a member of the Advisory Board of Llyod’s Register.

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