About the speaker

About The Speaker [Paul Yung]


Paul Yung
CEO & Founder, Ripe Fresh



Paul’s vision is to drive change and provide equal opportunity to the community regardless of their background. He is very passionate about sustainability, and wants to use innovative technology to create a more sustainable future in the food supply chain. He strongly advocates that “fresh food is a right, not a privilege”, and this forms the basis of every decision made in RipeFresh.

He has a BSc. Economics from the University of Warwick, graduating with the Accenture Gold Global Advantage Award given to the 50 brightest undergraduates of his cohort.

Since taking the helm of a nutritional & wellness product company in 2015, he has achieved 10X growth, bringing them to a revenue of RM 70 million in 2021. He has experience working in Germany, Spain, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

Gaining recognition in the process, Paul was recognized as 2017’s 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs and MRCA’s 2020 Inspirational Young Star. In 2021, Paul completed his Executive Education and Venture Finance courses at the University of Oxford.

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