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About The Speaker [Muzzaffar Othman]


Muzzaffar Othman
CEO and Executive Director, ASNB



Encik Muzzaffar Othman currently serve as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of ASNB. He holds Degree Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)and has served in several organizations before the current position in ASNB. He was in various sector including Manufacturing, Consulting, Aviation, Insurance and latest in Finance. Prior to his present position, he was the Chief Technology Officer in PNB and has been a member of the PNB Leadership Team since 2017. He is a Capital Market Services Representative’s Licence holder. He also sits on the Board of FIMM, Raiz Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Jewel Digital Ventures Sdn Bhd and E-LOCK Corporation Sdn Bhd.

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