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About The Speaker [Meera Maniar]


Meera Maniar
Growth Marketing, ipaymy



Meera has 10 years of experience in growth hacking and marketing initiatives using data, product analytics, conversion rate optimization, creative and technical marketing, UX improvements and automation. She currently leads Growth Marketing at ipaymy, a fintech that provides individuals and businesses with a smarter way to Pay and Fetch payments. It allows users to pay un-cardable expenses with a credit line to free up cash or collect through a smart invoicing and payment request tool.

Handpicked by an aspiring EY Partner, Meera started her career as a Risk Management Consultant. After two years of refining her business skills at EY, she pivoted to the startup space with one of Malaysia’s largest gig-economy app, GoGet. Hired as GoGet’s first employee, she built the company’s foundation from scratch, using the founders’ vision for direction. Her initial focus on customer centricity grew the business into the powerhouse it is today. After scaling GoGet, she became the CMO for a Malaysian commerce company which expanded into the e-commerce space under her leadership. She currently leads all Growth Marketing initiatives in ipaymy across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

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