About The Speaker

About The Speaker [Luqman Hariz]


Luqman Hariz
Anchor, Reporter and Producer, Astro AWANI (Conference Moderator)



Throughout the past 8 years, Luqman has produced news, led editorial coverage, and established himself as one of the main anchors of Astro AWANI. When not busy on air, he actively participates in numerous events, conferences, forums and conventions as its host, emcee, moderator or guest speaker.

He is a key host for AWANI’s special programs and breaking news coverage, and one of AWANI’s regular international correspondents covering overseas assignments in Europe, China, and the U.S.

Luqman was appointed Astro’s ambassador in the company’s collaboration with Teach For Malaysia, where he taught school students journalism and media studies.

From time to time, he participates in more leisurely TV appearances, such as a television commercials.

More recently, he became co-host of the BizSmart Challenge, a reality show which aired on Astro AWANI and AXN, a guest performer on Maharaja Lawak Mega, as well as being nominated for the category of Outstanding TV Personality in Anugerah MeleTop ERA.

Luqman has a foundation in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations.

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