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About The Speaker [Khalid Gibran]


Khalid Gibran
Founder & CEO, Meta Universe



Khalid Gibran is a serial entrepreneur who believes in challenging the status quo with creative commercial ideas that serve the masses and elevate the communities around him. Among his successful ventures include Eatcosys, My Cooking Story (MCS), Promo Partners, Xclusive Promotions, and OneCard Ltd in Hong Kong.

Eatcosys was recently identified as a potential Malaysian giant by KPMG and HSBC, while OneCard Ltd won Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Awards for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013) for reviving the restaurant sector and transforming the Octopus Card into a lifestyle utility card.

Having worked with household names such as AEON, 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Alfamart, Guardian, Watsons, Shell, and Caltex in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, Khalid brings with him extensive experience in building, executing and monetising businesses across a multitude of industries.

His desire to empower enterprises globally, coupled with his entrepreneurial skills and interest in new technologies, has led him to establish Meta Universe Solutions (MU) with a single-minded mission: to advance business entities into the metaverse and support them in acquiring new customers, increasing customer engagement, creating a new dimension of customer and brand loyalty, and maximising their growth potential.

Professional credentials aside, Khalid’s personal aspiration is to help SMEs, independent businesses and underserved business communities monetise their assets to generate more earnings, deliver maximum value to their respective stakeholders, and achieve long-term sustainability.

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