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About The Speaker [Jack Yap]


Jack Yap
CEO, Phuture Food



Jack Yap is a Co-founder of PHUTURE and a plant-based food advocate for more than ten years. He is a strong believer in utilizing latest food technologies to develop foods that nourishes the health and nutrition of his fellow Malaysian and beyond. His primary goal is to resolve the deficiency of daily fibre nutrients of his fellow Malaysians. His most favourite quote is “When you have enough fibre; anything is good”. Jack is also on a mission to take food revolution to a greater scale which hope to contribute significant impact towards planet and food sustainability through the introduction of “Planet Friendly Food’. Apart from that, he is a seasoned professional and avid chef in the F&B industry, Jack used to dabble in his own international food distribution business, as well as managing day-to-day operations of his self-owned seven restaurants.

Jack is the alumni of BRINC (Hong Kong) Food Technology Accelerator Program, Big Idea Venture Food Technology Accelerator Program (Singapore) and Cheung Kong Graduate School China Start Program (China). Jack has a Bachelor of Engineering from The Ohio State University. As a Co-founder and CEO of PHUTURE, he drives the overall business direction, developing and implementing the long / short term strategies of the company.

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