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About The Speaker [Harith Ridzuan]


Harith Ridzuan
Founder and CEO, The Green Factory



Harith Ridzuan, also known as Harith Green Carpenter (HGC), is a designer-maker of sustainable furniture and home & living products. As a second-generation woodworker, Harith leads his family business of 29 years and in 2017 founded The Green Factory. As Kuala Lumpur’s greenest wood manufacturing facility, the Green Factory adopts a green holistic approach across the manufacturing chain, from material sourcing and product design to waste management and outreach & education.

In 2013, Harith began his journey to revamping his traditional wood manufacturing business by placing sustainability at the core of the company’s mission and became one of the earlier makers of quality industrial interiors made from upcycled construction materials.

Since then, he has received both local & international attention for his advocacy for green lifestyle products made from sustainable timber, including Japan’s 2018 Good Design Award for his The Green Factory initiative and the 2018 Europa Sustainability Awards for his company’s environmental impact efforts by an SME corporation. Under his wing, his company has also founded 7 brands and exported products to more than 20 countries.

The Green Carpenter continues to advocate Malaysia’s growing mindfulness for green design, sustainable consumption, and proper management of local forests. He also hopes to increase consumers’ confidence in Malaysia’s sustainable product offerings and continues to encourage more local manufacturers to adopt greener materials and processes for the betterment of our local timber industry and natural ecosystem.

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