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About The Speaker [Davis Chong]


Davis Chong
President, Malaysia Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA)



Mr. Davis Chong is the President of the Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA), the national organization representing the Malaysian solar industry. He oversees all of MPIA’s activities including government affairs, research, communications, and industry leadership, and is focused on creating a marketplace where solar will constitute a significant percentage of Malaysia’s energy generation.

Davis has been actively involved in contributing ideas and strategic planning for the solar industry in Malaysia including initiatives such as the Feed-in-Tariff, Net Energy Metering, Large Scale Solar program along with other future development. As a passionate and successful leader with profound knowledge of clean energy development, Davis, together with his committee members are continuously driving the growth of the solar power industry in Malaysia.

He is also the Group Chief Executive Officer and one of the founding members of Solarvest Holdings Berhad. Under his stewardship together with the co-founders, the Company has grown leaps and bounds in the industry into a leading specialist in clean energy

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