About The Speaker

About The Speaker [Datin Azleen Osman Rani]


Datin Azleen Osman Rani
Director, Institute for Capital Market Research Malaysia



Datin Azleen Osman Rani was appointed as Director, Institute for Capital Market Research Malaysia (ICMR) in 2017, to help set up an independent think tank affiliate of the Securities Commission, Malaysia to study structural trends and developments affecting overall market development.

Prior to ICMR, she was heading the research team of a buy-side investment house, ValueCap Sdn Bhd, where her core focus was on equity market strategy & outlook, ESG integration and thematic research.

Her research interests now focuses on various topics which have risen in importance on the policymakers” agenda, including sustainable finance, financial inclusion, alternative financing and human capital development. In addition, as part of ICMR’s mandate to work closer with academia, she also sits on the Industry Advisory Board of Sunway University Business School.

She graduated with a BSc in Economics & Accounting from the University of Bristol and a MSc in International Accounting & Finance from the LSE, UK.

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