About the speaker

About The Speaker [Dalbir Singh]


Dalbir Singh, CISSP
Senior Director, APAC, Quantela Inc



Dalbir is an Entrepreneurial Technologist with years of proven strength in consultancy, strategy, innovation and technology for digital transformation in various verticals. Dalbir started off with a strong engineering background in Network and Security and with his continuous drive for growth and excellence, he evolved into being a trusted advisor to many organizations when it comes to digital transformation. His unique gift in understanding both business and technology and bridging the gap between the two has benefited many. Dalbir is also often called to speak in conferences and to conduct trainings on Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Big Data, Cyber Security and Leadership.

You can count on Dalbir to blaze new trails in assisting organizations with digital transformation or in the wilderness trails that he pursues during the weekend. Dalbir is also passionate about giving back to society and he has a soft spot for the underprivileged and children with special needs. Driven by that passion, Dalbir played multiple roles within the Commonwealth Secretariat as Chair of ASIA Region for the Commonwealth Youth Programme; Chair for the Human Rights and Democracy thematic and as a key member of the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) to monitor the Presidential Elections in Tanzania in 2016. In country, Dalbir was a former Minister Appointed Member to the National Youth Consultative Council.

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