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About The Speaker [Charika Channuntapipat]


Charika Channuntapipat
Research Fellow, Thailand Development Research Institute



Dr. Charika Channuntapipat is currently a Research Fellow at Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). At TDRI, she is leading a Business and Sustainable Development research team, where the research focus is on instruments and policies that can be used to encourage and support businesses to be more responsible for society and nature, as well as to enhance their value creation. Prior to joining TDRI, she was a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Accounting, Birmingham Business School, The University of Birmingham (2017-2021).

Her research interest focuses on the broad areas of responsible and accountable business practices; governance mechanisms that promote corporate accountability and sustainable development; and the role of the accounting profession and education in sustainable development. In particular, she is interested in the development of non-financial accounts and the roles of corporate communications, as well as the corporate materiality assessment process and assurance practices for non-financial information. Beyond her academic experience, Charika also has a professional background in business advisory services and corporate banking.

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