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About The Speaker [Brooke Roberts-Islam]


Brooke Roberts-Islam
Founder, Techstyler; Senior Contributor, Forbes



Drawing on her previous careers in medical imaging (NHS: 2000-2009), and knitwear design and textile innovation (Brooke Roberts, LVMH, BRIA: 2009-2015) Brooke Roberts-Islam is a writer for Forbes, HuffPost and a range of fashion industry publications. In 2015, she launched the publishing site Techstyler to fill the gap in coverage of innovations at the intersection of fashion, science and technology, with an increasing focus on sustainability.

Brooke applies her knowledge of core scientific principles along with her first-hand experience of fashion design, textile manufacturing, product development and garment production to drill down into the mechanics and true potential of fashion innovations and sustainability initiatives, in an industry context.

Brooke aims to publish accessible, objective and thoroughly researched information that helps fashion professionals and consumers understand the status of sustainability initiatives right now, and those that offer the greatest potential for protecting people and the planet.

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