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About The Speaker [Alexander L. Fernandez]


Alexander L. Fernandez
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Streamline Media Group



As CEO and Co-Founder of Streamline Media Group, Alexander has used his passion for building value between the video game and traditional enterprise industries to help grow Streamline from a small start-up focused on gaming, to global l entertainment business. He believes that technology must always be a tool that helps people move forward, and the creative economy can be a launch pad for developing markets and economies. As a Hispanic-American, Alexander is committed to closing the digital divide in society, and an advocator for accurate representation and diversity in the games industry.

Alexander is a frequent speaker at industry events and conventions worldwide, his past speaking engagements include GDC, European Commission, NASCOM, Dubai Games Show, Game Connection, E3, Level Up KL, AWS, RealTime Conference and many more.

In 2016, Alexander was accepted into Endeavor, a global network of high-impact entrepreneurs and graduates of the Harvard Business School’s OPM program. Prior to that he was an advisory board member for the Game Developer Conference Europe, Game Connection, Global Games Jam, and the European Game Developer’s Federation. Alexander currently sits on the board for Women In Games International, is an active participant in bringing Latinos in Tech/Games to the forefront, supporting Latino Leaders and HITEC, and has recently joined the Forbes Council as a Business contributor.

In 2020, Alexander launched Video Games Real Talk, an award-winning podcast series about the business of video games, the future of the industry, and how the concept of gamification and the Metaverse can benefit non-gaming companies in a post-COVID business era.

Website: Starveup.com
YouTube: Starveup
Instagram: @starveup_
Twitter: @starveup

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