FAQs relating to Building Capabilities and Providing Jobs

SC’s Building Capabilities and Providing Jobs Economic Recovery Plan – FAQ

Training Scheme for Marketing Representative (MR)

This scheme serves to provide displaced workers with an opportunity to pursue a career in the capital market as Marketing Representatives.

a. You must be able to show evidence that you have been recently displaced from a job starting from 1 March 2020 due to the current economic conditions. For example, you were self-employed but is now without work; or you have been retrenched or laid off, or received notice that your employment will be terminated or laid off.

b. To be eligible for a Marketing Representative, you must be at least 21 years old and have a degree or professional qualification or diploma from an institution recognised by the government of Malaysia.

Marketing Representative (“MR”) means a person who acts as an introducer for a Principal, undertakes marketing of the services, provides client support services and is registered with the Principal under the SC’s Guidelines for Marketing Representative (“Guidelines”). Principal means a Capital Markets Services License (“CMSL”) holder to carry out capital market related activities as defined in the Guidelines. For example, this includes Brokers, Fund Managers, Unit Trust Management Companies, Private Retirement Scheme Providers.

The permitted activities of an MR consist of–

a. arranging for the customer to meet with or speak to the Principal;

b. forwarding customer’s particulars to the Principal;

c. providing the customer with factual information relating to products and services offered by the Principal including conducting presentations; or

d. provide client support services such as forwarding information on performance of fund to clients.

For example, an MR can introduce or refer prospective clients or market the services of the Principal that an MR represents or acts for as well as provide client support services. An MR is not allowed to take clients’ orders, execute trades, make specific recommendations or give transactional advice. An MR is required to inform the client of any remuneration received by the MR and its amount, if requested.

a. Interested candidates can register interest with SIDC starting from 6 June 2020. For more information, please email enquiryMR@sidc.com.my

b. SIDC will then notify successful candidates that meet the minimum criteria.

The scheme will include up to RM800 per candidate to cover the online familiarisation programme and subsequent training for the year. This will be capped at 100 pax on a first come first serve basis that meets the minimum requirement of becoming an MR.

Interested candidates may attend the MR familiarisation programme and pass the assessment before joining any Principal.

Please refer to the Guidelines on Marketing Representative and FAQ on Trading Representative and Marketing Representative that can be found on the SC’s website https://www.sc.com.my/regulation/guidelines/licensing-and-registered-persons . Further information can also be found on SIDC website at sidc.com.my

Capital Market Graduate Apprenticeship (CMGA)

a. The Capital Market Graduate Apprenticeship (“CMG Apprenticeship”) is a programme to provide a pragmatic and structured training programme for fresh graduates employed by Capital Market Employers over the next 6 months.

b. This serves to:

i) Strengthen the employability of fresh graduates entering the workforce in the next 6 months, through a programme that aims to enhance professional development

ii) Encourage Capital Market Employers to continue to invest in development of fresh graduates over the next 6 months by providing a training grant for a structured and pragmatic training programme

Fresh graduates registered by Capital Market Employers under the “CMG Apprenticeship” will undergo:

a. Introductory module by SIDC upon registration

b. 6 months of structured training programme by employer which includes in-house classroom and on-the-job training

c. An additional minimum 6 months of employment with the employer

The CMG Apprenticeship is open to:

a. Entities including Capital Markets Services Licence (“CMSL”) holders, venture capital and private equity corporations and management corporations, credit rating agencies, bond pricing agency etc.

b. Entities who provide capital market services that are specified under the Capital Market and Services Act 2007 (“CMSA”) such as trustees and issuing houses

c. Entities who operates or maintains a recognised market such as a digital asset exchanges, equity crowdfunding, property crowdfunding, peer-to-peer and e-service platforms.

d. Exchanges and clearing houses under the CMSA

a. Participating companies that employ fresh graduates on a full time basis over the next 6 months will need to register the graduates with SIDC.

b. This is a 6+6 months apprenticeship programme, whereby participating companies will:

i) need to provide evidence/documentation of a structured training programme for registered fresh graduate employed. This includes on-the-job training and leveraging on the company’s existing talent development programmes.

ii) Companies are encouraged to register on SIDC’s Capital Market Competency Management System (CMS) at https://cms.sidc.com.my/ , where graduates can undertake the self-assessment to obtain a personalised development guide (Development Advisor) which will be generated based on the individual self-assessment. The Development Advisor not only identifies training courses, but a holistic development plan for the individual which includes on the job activities

iii) Companies to show evidence that the employment of fresh graduates is for at least one year.

iv) Companies to provide monthly progress update to SIDC on candidates for disbursement of the grant. SIDC will communicate directly with registered companies with further details on this.

c. Exits from the CMG Apprenticeship are allowed as per normal terms and conditions. Companies must notify SIDC immediately.

a. Participating companies will be provided a training grant of up to RM2,000 a month over a period of 6 months for each graduate registered. This is limited to a maximum of 2 fresh graduates per company

b. Registered graduates will also undergo an online introductory module on capital market with SIDC

c. Interested companies can find more information on registration and the programme at SIDC’s website – sidc.com.my

No, this is only applicable for fresh graduates with no prior working experience

No, interested graduates will need to be employed by Capital Market Employers and be registered by the Employer with SIDC.

This will be open for registration over the next 6 months. For more information, please email enquiryCMGA@sidc.com.my

Upon registration, apprenticeship will begin a 6-months structured training programme, and an additional 6 months of employment

Islamic Capital Market Graduate Training Scheme (ICMGTS)

a. The ICMGTS was developed by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and supported by the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) in 2009 to facilitate the creation of human capital for the Islamic Capital Market (ICM).

b. Its main objective is to produce entry-level professionals with strong fundamental knowledge and skills in Islamic capital market. The ICMGTS provides a comprehensive overview of ICM based on various teaching methodologies, comprising lectures, illustrative examples, case studies, and simulation that can be readily applied for complex ICM principles.

c. Adapting to the current situation, the new ICMGTS will be leveraging on cutting edge technology in implementing and delivering its programme, starting from the interview and selection process to its intensive classroom training sessions.

d. In addition to the training, students will also be given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in the real workplace through internship of up to 4 months in selected financial institutions and intermediaries.

Malaysians aged up to 35 years; possess at least a second class upper degree or its equivalent from a recognised institution of higher learning in related fields such as Accounting/Islamic Accounting, Banking/Islamic Banking, Economics/Islamic Economics, Finance/Islamic Finance, Legal and Shariah.

This is a 6-month programme which includes:

a. a minimum of 8-week intensive training programme comprising various modules on technical and soft skills

b. up to 4 months of internship programme at selected financial institutions/intermediaries.

All candidates will be provided full-time training courses, at no charge. Candidates will also be given opportunities to apply the skills learnt during training, through workplace internship in selected financial institutions. An internship allowance of RM1000 a month will be provided, for up to 6 months.

For more information, please email enquiryICMGTS@sidc.com.my 

Training Scheme for Youths Pursuing a Career in Corporate Finance (CF)

a. This serves to support the professional development of youth within the corporate finance workforce, and companies investing in their development.

b. It is envisaged that this will help to increase the pool of Corporate Finance talent, by growing a pipeline of new entrants into the Corporate Finance workforce.

a. All Malaysians aged 35 years and below who are new to Corporate Finance, and whose companies are intending to license candidates as CMSRL holders in Corporate Finance.

b. The scheme covers up to RM3,500 per individual for training and exam fees for module 12 (Investment Management and Corporate Finance) and module 19 (Advisory Services) will be provided.

a. Companies will need to register their candidates with SIDC. For more information and to register, please email enquiryCF@sidc.com.my

b. This will be capped at 20 pax, on a first come first serve basis and limited to one per company.

This will be open for registration with SIDC over the next 6 months

*Kindly take note that all enquiries on the above schemes shall be responded to within 3 business days.

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