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Welcome to the SIDC E-Examination System Simulation

The objective of this simulation is to help candidates familiarise themselves with the format of the SIDC E-Examination System. Candidates will be guided through this simulation.

Press Alt+F4 should you wish to exit the simulation at any point in time.

Disclaimer: Please note that content of this simulation is not intended to reflect the level of difficulty, subject-matter distribution, actual number of questions or current information of actual examinations.
CBE Administrator Exam Parameters Editing Screen.
Usage Instructions: Start Time and End Time of Exam is defined in 24 hours time system.
To modify enter data in 24 hour time system format (i.e 13:00 for 1pm, 15:30 for 3:30pm)

To modify enter IC Number.(Enter NRIC without - or spaces e.g. 700614101167)


Exam Module Exam Module Description

You can only begin your examination once the "Start" button appears.

Please click the "Start" button to start your examination.

If the examination session has not commenced, you will be able to view the coundown to start the examination on the top left hand corner of the screen.

However, in this simulation, there is 5 seconds remaining to the start of the examination.

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