Global Business Insight Series

Global Business Insight Series

A strategic partnership between SIDC and IMD, the Global Business Insights Series aspires to facilitate development of the capital market industry through programmes and discussions on contemporary issues and trends that drive business performance. The result of a combination of SIDC’s expertise as the capital market industry's premier learning and development partner with IMD’s long-standing commitment to developing global leaders, we are committed to providing you with the most current, progressive and innovative leadership enrichment experience possible.
Series participants will be provided with strategic insights for achieving high performance leadership and professional and personal growth while contributing to the country’s economic vitality. The Global Business Insights Series will showcase distinguished experts in their fields and challenge you to change your mindset when prioritising multiple organisational needs, addressing complex issues, achieving outcomes seemingly beyond reach, and more. Fuel your desire for relentless improvement and unlock the highest levels of leadership performance within you by attending the Global Business Insights Series today!

  • How Innovation is Changing Leadership - 26 March 2018