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QE02: Corporate Strategic Analytics - Analysis of Business Performance

QE02: Corporate Performance Analytics - Analysis of Business Performance

Dates:  5 October 2019 (8.30am - 5.00pm) 
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia
Accreditation: SIDC 10 CPE Approved


A company's financial position is defined by its assets and liabilities. Analysis and discussions about a company’s performance will allow for better decision making on the changes to company strategy prompted by the financial results. This analysis will also provide a record of the company's progress over time.

  • Programme Delivery

    Programme Objective

    This one day programme aims to enable participants to apply the tools and techniques critical in interpreting and analysing the relevant reports in analysing company’s performance.

    Learning Outcomes
    By the end of the programme, participants will:
    • identify the fundamentals of analysing relevant reports on companies
    • conduct analysis based on financial ratio analysis
    • interpret results from selected financial ratios
    • evaluate the sectoral markets using fundamental analysis
    • apply appropriate valuation method and approach to analysing company’s performance

    ICF Competencies Covered

    • Functional (Technical Skills) – Fundamental Analysis, Market Analysis, Valuation
    • Behavioural Competencies (Self-Management) - Analytical Thinking
  • Programme Outline

    8.30 am Registration
    9.00 am
    Investment Methodology Overview
    • Industry analysis framework and tools
    Financial Ratio Analysis
    • Overview of financial statements
    • Vertical, horizontal and trend analysis
    10.15 am Coffee Break
    10.30 am Financial Ratio Analysis: Interpretation And Application
    • Analysing company’s performance and profitability
    • Evaluating earning qualities
    • Assessing growth prospects
    • Risk analysis
    1.00 pm Lunch
    2.00 pm
    Evaluating  Selected Sectors Using Fundamental Analysis
    • Financial sector
    • Oil and gas sector
    • Telecommunication sector
    3.15 pm Coffee Break  
    3.30 pm Application Of Specific Valuation Techniques
    • Deciding on the right valuation model to use and its rationale
    • Private company equity valuation - Using DCF, relative valuation techniques and asset based valuation for private company equity valuation
    5.00 pm End of Programme
  • Programme Fees

    Normal Price
  • About the Speaker

    Mr. Selvaraj is presently an independent business consultant. He was until recently, a Managing Director in the British Multinational Group, Revertex (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. He headed the Revertex Group of Natural Rubber businesses in Malaysia, Thailand, India and UK. His speciality is in the mentoring of businesses onto a measurable true World Class platform His focus and passion has been in corporate strategy, financial strategies, lean business processes, risk management, mentoring of frontier technology R&D.
    He was a Director in the Board of the Revertex Group of Companies. Selvaraj holds a Degree in Finance and Accounting and has been in Senior Management for 22 years. He has worked both in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. His lighter interests are in music and literature