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SCLE Revision: Financial Statement Analysis and  Asset Valuation (Module 7)

Module 7: Financial Statement Analysis and Asset Valuation

Duration: 2.5 days
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia

Programme Objective

This course equips participants with comprehensive understanding and knowledge based on the Module 7 Study Outline. Participants will advance their knowledge and comprehension further via an interactive teaching and learning experience while increasing their confidence in sitting for the examination.  This course will be facilitated by an experienced and qualified trainer. 

Programme Overview

This 2½ -day course is designed to match the licensing study outline for Module 7 on financial statement analysis and asset valuation. It covers the fundamental aspects of financial statements, investment analysis, relevant accounting policies and treatments for financial reporting, characteristics of fixed income and equity securities, time value of money and valuation methods.

Who Should Attend
  • Candidates preparing for the Module 7 SC Licensing Examination
  • New entrants to the capital market industry and staff of investment banks