Revolutionising Businesses through Blockchain

Revolutionising Businesses through Blockchain

Dates:  19 June 2019 (8.30am - 5.00pm) 
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia
Accreditation: SIDC 10 CPE Approved

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology have generated a significant amount of interest within the capital market community. The vast solutions that it brings to the capital market infrastructure includes operational efficiency, better transparency, reduced risks and operational costs.
A number of financial institutions have started to invest heavily to explore its potential. According to a study carried out by the Aite Group, by 2019 the amount of financial institutions investment in blockchain is expected to increase by five times amounting to USD 400 million as compared to 2015.
The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) had also started working on developing a distributed ledger based solutions for clearing and settling trades to replace its Clearing House Electronic Subregister System. It was also noted that Japan Exchange Group (JPX) together with IBM had announced their testing of the technology to be used in trading of low volume transactions.  
This programme will deliberate on business cases and course of events from around the globe focusing on applications of blockchain in businesses, which have been tried, tested and in operation as well as its future in the capital market. This programme will also look into the role of regulators and intermediaries following this new change of landscape affecting the financial institutions.

  • Programme Delivery

    Programme Objective

     This programme aims to provide comprehensive insights into the potentials and developments of blockchain applications as well as its adoption rate, speed and prevalence within the global and local sphere.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
    • analyse the impact of blockchain and recommend changes to business processes;
    • adapt and learn new ways to do work in line with blockchain advancements; 
    • develop new business approaches in meeting the emerging trends, business needs and market demands;
    • analyse the impact and benefits of deploying blockchain to achieve business objectives; and
    • review business structure and processes to capitalise on blockchain advancements.
     Interactive presentations, case studies discussions and Question-and-Answer (Q&A) sessions

    Target Audience

    Dealers, Trading Representatives, Compliance, Auditors, Risk Management Officers, Fund Managers, Analysts, Investors, Academicians, University Students and Public.
    Asset management companies, fund management companies, stockbroking firms, investment banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, alternative financing platforms, startups, exchanges, public listed companies

    Functional (Technical) – FUT04 Digital Technology Application (Level 3)
    Foundational (Product) – FOP01 Capital Market Environment (Level 3)
  • Programme Outline

    8.30 am Registration
    9.00 am
    Blockchain Today: The Momentum Shift
    • A disruption or evolution to businesses today?
    • Blockchain adoption in capital markets: Where are we now?
    • A look at blockchain technology and its developments
    • Benefits of blockchain and its ecosystem to business enterprises
    10.45 am Coffee Break
    11.00 am Blockchain In Capital Markets: Disruption Or Evolution?
    • Blockchain in theory vs practical business applications
    • Real world challenges of blockchain adoption
      • Key areas  i.e. clearing and settlement, trading, custodian services, KYC/AML, record keeping and reporting etc
      • Implementation challenges
      • Implications to business models and structures
      • Sample cases of blockchain adoption in capital market, the reinvention of businesses and product/services innovations
    • Yes or No?: Leveraging on blockchain for business enterprises
    1.00 pm Lunch
    2.00 pm Blockchain Adoption: Yay or Nay?
    • Strategic adoption: What to consider and its challenges
    • Regulatory, governance and compliance
      • Blockchain as a tool
      • Blockchain: Regulatory or industry driven?
      • Regulatory concerns: Agility while remaining compliant
    3.30 pm Coffee Break
    3.45 pm What Next?: The Future of Blockchain in the Capital Market
    • Theories of blockchain and its potential: What more can it do?
    • On-going experimentation with blockchain adoption in the capital market
    • Future workforce trends: Jobs and careers with blockchain 
    5.00 pm End of Programme
  • Programme Fees

    Normal Price
    RM 950
  • About the Speaker


    Edmund has held several senior management roles, as the former Asia Pacific Director for a big data and blockchain-powered company on the Fortune Global 500, and General Manager of a dominant credit reporting bureau. Prior to this, he cut his teeth in finance for over a decade, where he last headed an unsecured lending arm of a sovereign fund-owned bank as Senior Vice President.
    He has led several industry-first and market-leading solutions on fintech, risk scoring, and e-delivery, which are honoured with dozens of international awards for product innovation.
    His career has spanned three continents, and is professionally certified in CFPI®, PDCA® and Six Sigma® Black Belt methodologies for Total Quality Management (TQM), with four academic degrees (including LLB and MBA).