Developing Effective Negotiation Techniques

Dates:  29 August 2019 (8.30am - 5.00pm) 
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia
Accreditation: SIDC 10 CPE Approved

“We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable" - John F Kennedy
Everyone negotiates daily, either in the office or at home. There are also professional negotiators, business deal makers, peace negotiators, diplomats, and hostage negotiators. The dark side of negotiators happens when they resort to bullying and unethical behaviour to get what they want. They believe that they can only win if the other side loses i.e. win-lose outcomes.
However, business negotiations usually need to build and sustain a long term business relationships. These types of negotiations are built on creating mutually beneficial agreements i.e. win-win outcomes by brainstorming creative solutions, identifying differences in preferences, seeking common ground and building trust. Is there a common trait that runs along all win-win negotiation techniques?

  • Programme Delivery

    Programme Objective

    The aim of this programme is to evaluate and apply useful negotiation strategies and tactics to achieve favourable agreements leading to successful business outcomes.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
    • Apply specific influencing skills to move the negotiation towards a win-win direction
    • Establish a Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
    • Effectively structure the negotiation process for individual and team
    • Create an image persona in presenting offers
    • Use various elicitation techniques to derive alternative and solutions


    Interactive presentations, Question-and-Answer (Q&A) sessions and short case studies discussion

    Topics Covered

    • Types of Business Negotiation Strategies and The Preparations Involved  
    • Planning Responses to Possible Outcomes   
    • Communication Skills
    • Negotiation Approaches and Bargaining Tactics
    • Sequencing the Phases of Negotiations
    • Application to Everyday Business Situations
    • Recognising Biases and Sensitivities
    • Managing Difficult Communications during Negotiations
    • Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
    • Group Exercises- Difficult Conversations


    Behavioural (Organisation Leadership) – Strategic Thinking
    Behavioural (People Management) – Communication
    Behavioural (People Management) – Influencing and Negotiation
    Functional (Process Skills) - Sales and Marketing
  • Programme Outline

    8.30 am Registration
    9.00 am The Effective Negotiator
    • The mind-set, behavioural traits and skills-set of an effective negotiator
    • Knowing and understanding your negotiation abilities and qualities
    • Types of negotiations and process
    • Preparatory management - Timing and setting
    10.30 am Coffee Break
    10.15am Explicit and Hidden Needs Versus Wants: At Organisational and Individual Level
    • Control the time, place, person negotiation climate
    • Questions and statements to reinforce common ground, needs and interest
    • Recognising biases and sensitivities
    • Planning responses to possible outcomes   
    • Basic negotiations tactics - Practice session
    1.00 pm Lunch Break
    2.00 pm How to Communicate in Negotiation?
    • Body language during negotiation for greater advantage
    • Listening skills to improve on negotiated results
    • managing critical questioning and answering techniques
    • Internal team control signals for team negotiation
    • Difficult negotiation tactics - Practice session
    3.30 pm Coffee Break
    3.45 pm What is BATNA
    • Opening tactics in a negotiation
    • The general tactics to move your negotiation toward a desired direction
    • Counter tactics in different settings
    • Steps for concession-making and gaining
    • Positive signals to close the negotiation
    • Going for Win-Win outcomes –Practice session
    5.00 pm End of Programme
  • Programme Fees

    Normal Price     
    RM 950