SIDC’s In-house Programmes at a Glance
SIDC’s in-house programmes, which are premium learning and development programmes conducted for your employees at your business premises or your preferred locations, give you a more customised learning solution designed to be in parallel with your organisation’s culture and strategic learning requirements.
Whether you need capital market products and services training, technical skills training, behavioural training or digital technology trainings, we can develop a programme to fit your needs.
The Advantages of In-House training
  • In-house programmes allow us to give you a more customised and fit-for-purpose learning solution that focuses on the particular requirements of your organisation and teams.
  • Your training needs can be customised and aligned with your organisation’s culture, work procedures and strategic vision.
  • Training can run where, when and how you want it.
  • We take the time to explore your needs to ensure programmes that meet your requirements. Training is delivered in a practical and engaging format by industry experienced trainers who have actually done the job
  • Learning is put into context with the use of real-life example so it can be applied to improve business performance.
  • You develop new insights on your business as we challenge your assumptions, reframe your perspectives and uncover new growth areas and blindspots.
Programme Categories
As all our in-house programmes are aligned with the Capital Market Industry Competency Framework (ICF), these highly engaging and practical programmes are divided into 8 categories as follow. Click on the link below to find out the list of programmes under each category: