Business Foresight Forum (BFF) 2019: New Business Directions 2025 - Catalysts for Change

Business Foresight Forum (BFF) 2019

Business Foresight Forum (BFF) 2019: New Business Directions 2025 - Catalysts for Change        

Dates:  19 September 2019 (9.00am - 5.00pm)                                                                                          
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia
Accreditation: SIDC 10 CPE Approved

In a world of exponential accelerations, business leaders realise the need to constantly re-think everything to chart new business change directions. The Business Foresight Forum (BFF) brings together the foremost business development thinkers and leaders of capital markets who bring catalysts for change and drive local industry that in-turn influences and shapes the bigger global market agendas.

The Forum’s objective is to demonstrate innovative entrepreneurship, seismic shift ideas and new business directions that also reflects the highest standards of governance, integrity and accountability for global capital market investors towards 2025. BFF will be the platform for business leaders to discuss the need to continually transform and rapidly adapt to change and stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive in a very dynamic environment. Questions like how will businesses exceed customer’s expectations with their ever-changing needs and how will organisation be better, faster, and smarter and capitalise on strategic opportunities will be deliberated. In a large-scale transformation, businesses will require consistent innovation, energy and enthusiasm as well as strong leadership to enhance the digital customer’s experience while also driving agility and efficiency within a wider digital ecosystem. At this Forum, business leaders will also discuss how they champion, innovate and drive continuous change to lead across business maturity levels so as to strategise a tactical, actionable and thriving business.

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