Anyone can see a forest fire.
SKILL lies in sniffing the first smoke

-Robert A Heinlein


Industry Competency Framework

The Industry Competency Framework or ICF, is the first comprehensive framework for the Malaysian capital market covering a total of 105 job roles, 58 competencies titles, across the seven main regulated activities. Designed to drive sustainable performance by empowering current professionals and employees in the industry, ICF also functions as a useful tool for assessing competencies for career mobility and progression in the capital market. The ICF provides greater clarity in natural career progression and job opportunities (with job roles defined) thereby attracting new entrants into the industry.

The Competency Dictionary has four (4) types (Core, Foundational, Functional and Behavioural) with five (5) proficiency levels, and performance criteria enabling you to assess your abilities and strengths, identify areas for performance improvement and plan your professional development through learning and development programmes.